Day Five

Day #5 since my surgery sees me still on a liquid diet (and continuing so until my next appointment with the surgeon next Thursday). I’ve been surviving thanks to a rather unintentional Lenten fast of blended … well, everything: congee, smoothies, shakes, soups. Matt and Sara’s Magic Bullet has come in very, very handy—handy enough for me to get my own! (However, though I’m still alive, I’m getting very sick of drinking all my meals. Having said that, I’m glad that the meals I’m blending/drinking have been made by loving hands.)

The recovery’s proceeding with very few complications, which is great. The initial swelling has almost all gone (I no longer look like a fat-faced chipmunk), leaving just the bruising from the actual break (I now just look like a normal chipmunk), and the bruising around my neck and upper chest area from the breathing tube they stuck down my throat during the surgery.

‘Only’ eight more days …


One Response

  1. pictures! pictures! (of the progression from fat-faced chipmunk to normal chipmunk) : )

    are you still down for jamba juice? or are you sick of smoothies?

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