Goodbye CA, Hello East Coast

How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media (link)

My friend Holly wrote a guest post on her friend Beth’s blog: “How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media.”

Happy birthday, Clem!

Big ups to my big bro on his 39th birthday! Love ya!

Me and Clem

Links of the Day, August 31


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“A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller

Read the first thirty pages here:
A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller

Wildfire in CA

Every year, California preps for wildfire season (yes, we have a wildfire season). This year, it’s gotten pretty bad: according to the AP report, by this morning, the Station Fire (as it’s called) is 20 miles long; 134 square miles have been burned; 12,000 homes as well as the communications and astronomy centers atop Mount Wilson, are under threat.

Courtesy of Neville:

Courtesy of Brian, who lived across the street from me:

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Please be praying for the situation: for rain, for favorable conditions, and for the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to stop the blazes.

Links of the Day, August 28

Where the Wild Things cupcakes = priceless.


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