Sometimes, I wonder if I’m a Christian

Sometimes I stray real far from where I want to be, from where I know I ought to be. Some days, I don’t look like a Christian at all. Sometimes I wonder whether I really have changed. Life, every day, is a series of decisions that lead me toward or away from God; sometimes I make wise decisions and sometimes I make stupid, sinful ones. But each time, I know God’s mercy and his grace.

And I know that he still loves me.


6 Responses

  1. blessed are we for the Grace of God

  2. i think its like a dance. you learn the steps. and the more you get to know your partner the more relaxed you are. i think we missed this atmosphere of relaxation in our theologies and churches. i think it’s not about how many things we do wrong or how far or near we are, i think it is sitting and drenching in the reality that God truly loves us NO MATTER WHAT. Brennan Manning says: God won’t ask you what Bibl version did you read or how many people you saved, but when you see Him, He is going to ask: “do you believed i love you?” do you.

  3. Hi!

  4. Stop by my blog. I have some ideas related

  5. Love your blog Justin!! Love the layout, how did you get your facebook on there? You are just so cool! Hope DC is treating you well!!

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