Links of the Day, January 6




Links of the Day, January 4

Welcome to 2010! (Here’s Jon Stewart’s review of 2009.)

Since there was ZERO net job creation in the US over the last decade, let’s hope the next ten years go a little better, shall we?


Health care

  • From Foolocracy: "Rush Limbaugh praised the American health care system while in a Hawaiian hospital for a couple of days during the last week. What he did not mention is that Hawaii has the most socialized system of any of the 50 states and, with its near universal healthcare, resembles the Obama health care plan."



Go see Avatar

It was good.

New Avatar trailer

Is anyone else really, really excited about this movie? (This is how I find out which of my friends/readers are fellow geeks.)


Director James Cameron’s long-awaited new offering, coming in December, is entitled “Avatar.” And you can find the trailer here.