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Please pray

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Here in Pasadena, we’re not immediately affected by the fires, but the sky is filled with smoke and the air is soot- and ash-laden. As I’m writing this, hundreds of thousands of people in Southern California have been displaced from their homes. And with the winds continuing to blow and no rain forecast in the coming week, all we can do, it seems, is hope and pray that the winds die down and God sends some rain to bring some respite.

Please also pray for all of those affected.


Quick post

Life has been real, real busy lately—in fact, I’m only able to blog tonight because I can’t sleep right now (too many thoughts, too much to deal with, too much to sort out). Anyway, like I said, things have been busy: work, school, sports, keeping up with friends, etc.

This next week is also busy: tomorrow and Saturday is Prospective Students Weekend (hey, possible newbies!); Tim gets in on Sunday (yay!), we head straight down to San Diego to see Lifehouse (yay!); Monday I have a paper due (yay?); Wednesday I have a midterm (umm …); Thursday we go see a Lakers pre-season game (yay!); Friday we go see Colbie Caillat (yay!); and Saturday we have a crazy day of flag football and soccer (yay!). So I’m simultaneously looking forward to the week … and dreading how tired I’m gonna be at the end of it (and we’re only halfway through the quarter).

More thoughts when I have time … hopefully.

Why DTRs should not be conducted over Messenger

Why DTRs should not be conducted over Messenger

I’m thinking.

You’re thinking … what?

That I need to think more …

About …?

About talking about this so indirectly.

You mean, talking about you and me like we’re not talking about you and me?


Okay …

Yikes, well, my roommate’s pestering me to go to dinner coz we’re meeting people. We’ll talk, though.


Okay. Talk to you later …

“Later”: at 10 months and counting.